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Ongoing APPIRED III clinical study with bRESCAP in cardiothoracic surgery


Demonstrate reduction in acute kidney injury peri- & post-heart surgery in more than 1250 patients


RESCAP works as prophylactic anti-inflammatory protein and systemic anti inflammatory compound, preventing ischemic injury.
It restores/maintains the integrity of microvasculature, thereby maintaining e.g. kidney function.


Singapore, Eindhoven, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Hasselt, Genk, Lisbon, Rome,Vienna, St. Petersburg, Kazan with other centres in pipeline.

Completed APPIRED ll clinical study with bRESCAP in Cardiothoracic surgery

APPIRED ll clinical study showed that treatment with alkaline phosphatase in patients undergoing invasive cardiac surgery is safe, well tolerated and results in reduction of both mortality and morbidity as deduced from reduced serious adverse events and adverse events.

Alkaline Phosphatase application so far has not resulted in complications that are likely to be ascribed to the medication.