RESCAP prevents and treats acute Ischemic Injury and subsequent complications like Acute Kidney Injury and capillary leak symptoms.  

Applications of RESCAP in e.g. Cardiothoracic Surgery, Solid Organ Transplant Surgery, Burn wound trauma and COVID-19 

APPIRED III, a global clinical phase 2b/3 in cardiothoracic surgery is actively recruiting patients.  

“Major surgeries and transplantations are to be free from morbidity and mortality resulting from ischemic injury.”
Reducing peri-and post-surgical complications will improve general health, post-surgical quality of life and reduce overall healthcare cost

Meet Alloksys and Amrif

How we work together with clinicians, hospitals and other institutions to help patients with unmet medical need diseases.

In this video:

  • What is RESCAP?
  • Our research on protecting barriers and anti-inflammatory action
  • More information on our partnerships to transfer our products to the market

We are very proud to work with:

Participating Clinicians and clinical centers and Aix Scientifics as global CRO in ongoing and planned clinical trials as well as investors and Dutch RVO innovation credit facility, Health Holland and the Burn wound foundation and TKI support  for specific clinical projects.