Alloksys Life Sciences BV Obtains 3.4 million EURO Innovation Credit

Alloksys Life Sciences BV Obtains 3.4 million EURO Innovation Credit

Bunnik, The Netherlands September 1 2016 – Alloksys Life Sciences BV, a biopharma SME based in The Netherlands, has been granted an Innovation Cedit (’Innovatiekrediet’) of 3.4 million EUR by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency for the execution of Phase 3 clinical trials leading to registration of RESCAP® (RESCuing Alkaline Phosphatase*) for the prevention and treatment of ischemic injury and inflammation mediated complications in cardiothoracic surgery (APPIRED III).

Phase 3 supported by professionals in leading institutions

“During a previous clinical trial (APPIRED II) promising data have been produced, showing a substantial reduction in mortality and morbidity in high risk patients. We have now completed preparations to further substantiate these results in a phase 3 clinical trial, thanks to broad support from scientists and cardiothoracic surgeons in leading Singapore- and EU-based institutions” says Ruud Brands, President.

Boost to improve quality of life

“We are proud and happy to receive this grant. With it, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency continues its commitment to breakthrough innovations in biological therapy developments as well as its trust in Alloksys Life Sciences BV. We are expecting to deliver improved post-surgical quality of life for the patients undergoing cardiothoracic surgery (over 1,2 million annually) and consequently see a reduction in the overall cost of health care” states Koos van Haasteren, CEO of Alloksys.

Alkaline Phosphatase is a protein that is naturally occurring in all tissues throughout the human body. It is particularly concentrated in the liver, kidney and bones. Furthermore it is present at all locations with a physiological barrier function, for instance in the intestines, lungs, placenta and brain.