At Alloksys we think differently. We take an innovative approach to business by focusing on therapies that patients need and clinicians/researchers want. Through the creation of a diverse community with shared values and a common goal, we are able to develop therapies for unmet medical needs in a scientifically robust, financially efficient manner.

Alloksys is led by a diverse team of experts with strong track records in a variety of fields. Despite their diverse backgrounds, they are united by their desire to serve the needs of their patients, clinicians and investors.

Koos van Haasteren, CEO

Koos van Haasteren is a business economist from the University of Rotterdam. He started his career in 1984 in audit at KPMG. Joined DSM in 1987 and worked there for 15 years in various business leadership roles. As part of the Management team that managed the transition of DSM's Petrochemical business he moved to SABIC in 2002 and successfully led the business integration. He was a member of the European Managing  Board until 2008. Next he was based in Riyadh, where became a member of the SABIC Executive Committee as Executive Vice President Performance Chemicals. From 2013 until 2015 he led the transformation of the European operations to champion safety and competitiveness. During his 28 years in the chemical industry he was able to focus on creating sustainable business growth, change leadership, building successful diverse teams and delivering project management. He joined Alloksys as CEO in February 2016.


Ruud Brands, PhD, President 

Ruud Brands is a molecular cell biologist, specializing in Cellular Biochemistry and Biological Immunotoxicology. After his graduation at the University of Utrecht, he held several positions in the field of cell biology and oncology at Stanford University and the Netherlands Cancer Institute. In the nineties he was a staff member at the Department of Biotechnology at Solvay Pharmaceuticals in the Netherlands, where he managed the R&D of the first (licensed) cell culture derived influenza vaccine. Brands was co-founder of PharmAAware bv in 2000, incorporated in the AM-Pharma holding bv in 2002 after a merger.In 2005 he founded Alloksys Life Sciences, a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to develop therapeutic proteins  for acute and chronic diseases. In 2013  a sister company AMRIF was founded to further the RESCAP platform for chronic disease management.  Brands has authored more than 30 papers and is inventor of various patents.

Ruud Brands
Herman   Feil, PhD, Ir, (1965), CFO

Herman Feil, PhD, CFO

Herman Feil was trained as a polymer chemist at University of Twente and concluded his PhD research in Utah (USA) on controlled release of pharmaceuticals from polymer materials. Afterwards he started at ATO-DLO in Wageningen, a large contract research organization. As head of the department of Biopolymers and Carbohydrate Chemistry, the department grew from 35 to 70 professional researchers, performing contract research mainly for the agro-food and chemical industry. Much of the growth of his department was related to bioplastics (polymer chemistry, thermoplastic processing, and product development). Herman Feil then started TDI/Holland Inventures BV (which he co-owns with Bert Tournois), an initiator of new, high tech companies in the food, medical, chemical, and biotechnological field. At this moment, Holland Inventures has approx. 20 companies in its portfolio, ranging from food technology to medical applications.

Willem Seinen, Prof., PhD, CSO

Prof. Dr. Willem Seinen holds a chair in Toxicology at the Utrecht University for more than 20 years. After his graduation as veterinarian he started in experimental animal pathology, founded a working group pathology-toxicology and graduated in immunology before his appointment in” Biological Toxicology”. Willem Seinen was director of the interfacultary research institute toxicology for two five year terms and was president of the Netherlands Society of Toxicology from 1996-2002. He participate(d)s in various governmental as well as industrial scientific panels and advisory boards. Prof. Seinen is (co)author of over 250 scientific papers, one handbook and supervised 90 PhD theses.

Willem Seinen
Xiaofei Zhang

Xiaofei Zhang, Business Development Director

Xiaofei graduated from Sichuan University (China) and University of Washington (USA) with a biology degree, and further studied science based business at Leiden University (the Netherlands). She has experiences on a broad spectrum in life sciences industry, as an investment analyst in venture capital fund Aescap, equity analyst at investment bank Kempen&Co and business developer at several organisations. 


Roland Oosting, PhD, Scientific Director

Ronald Oosting is an experienced scientist in the life sciences, more in particular in molecular neurobiology and psychopharmacology. Until 2015 he was an associate professor of Molecular Psychopharmacology at Utrecht University, The Netherlands. A few years ago he decided to broaden his horizons and get his MBA-degree, which he received (with honor) from Tias Business School. At Utrecht University he still does some research and teaching duties but he is now mainly a project manager at the Faculty of Science. 

Paul Brom, PhD

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Alloksys prides itself in its ethical and constructive approach to drug development. We care for the scientific integrity of our work, have a passion for patients, are engaged and straightforward.

Passion for Patients

Our core motivation is improving the quality of patient's lives.

Scientific Integrity

We won't compromise on the quality of experiments and data gathering when developing a new therapy for patients.


When engaging with patients and clinicians we makes every effort to do so in a straightforward manner, always communicating with clarity and efficiency.


We have a large network of committed institutions who share our values and help us ensure the continuous improvements of our therapies.

Alloksys has a strong scientific base. We have been developing intellectual property since 2005. We own the relevant patents for surgical use of RESCAP® while our sister company AMRIF owns the patents for the use of RESCAP® in an array of therapeutic applications for chronic disease management.

Fundamental I.P

EP 2 252 324 B1

Alkaline Phosphatase for Increasing the Activity of the Immune System of a Mammal at Risk of Inflammatory Diseases.

US 8784805 B2

Method for Increasing the Activity of the Immune System of a Mammal at Risk of Inflammatory Diseases.